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How to Use iPhone Text Messages Effects on Your iPhone

by Techi Gumbo Expert
iphone text messagesiPhone text messages effects. Credit: Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto Via Getty Images

Texting your friends with no impact is so boring. Now is the time to figure out how to breathe new life into your iMessage interactions.

There are a few clever methods to add iPhone Text Messages Effects to your texts in iMessage if you have an iPhone. What is the most enjoyable aspect? It’s very easy to do so. 

How to Use iPhone Text Messages?

People who want to sprinkle their messages, put them under a spotlight, or cover them with fake invisible ink should follow a few basic instructions.

First and foremost, you must type down what you wish to communicate. Effects can’t be applied to a message that doesn’t exist. That would be completely absurd. There must be a valid recipient because you can’t send a message to anyone. Press and hold the send button once that’s done. You’ll be able to employ iOS message effects without needing to send a message.

iPhone Text Messages Credit: Screenshot: Alex Perry

Bingo. You can now apply effects to the message you have just written before sending it. The default option for adding bubble effects to the message is the first set of options you’ll notice.

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These will have a fun effect on the message bubble’s look. Although they aren’t as effective as the other types of message effects we’ll cover later; there are instances when making your text slam into view or hiding its meaning beneath invisible ink is important.

iPhone Text MessagesCredit: Screenshot: Alex Perry

Tap “Screen” instead of “Bubble” beneath the words “Send with effect” at the top of this screen to reveal the following set of options. As the name implies, screen effects take up the entire screen and are often more flashy.

You can use confetti to create many balloons that appear beneath a happy birthday greeting, emphasize an important statement, or congratulate someone. Swipe left and right to see all of the options before deciding.

iPhone Text MessagesCredit: Screenshot: Alex Perry

Once you’ve added the right amount of zing to your text message, hit the send button. Your family member loved one, landlord, or food delivery guy will appreciate the new dimension of personality you’ve brought to the conversation. However, if you do this too frequently, you may be accused of being irritating.

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