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10 Things Apple didn’t Tell You About iPhone 10 features

by Techi Gumbo Expert
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The Apple WWDC 2016 keynote was jam-packed with information. While all of Apple’s platforms will get significant changes through software updates this autumn, iOS 10 was likely the most crucial, if only because there are over 1 billion iOS devices in use worldwide.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, iOS 10 will include a slew of new features, including more intelligent notifications, a new lock screen, a turbocharged Messages app with more innovative emoji entry, a redesigned Apple Music, a smarter Siri with an API for third-party integration, a standalone Home app, improved Apple Maps support, and more.

10 Things Apple didn’t Tell You About iPhone 10 features

Even if they sped through the two-hour presentation, Cook and his colleagues didn’t have enough time to go over everything in iOS 10. Here are a few highlights from Apple’s keynote that you should look forward to when iOS 10 is launched this autumn.

1. Apple’s stock apps will be deletable

iPhone 10 featuresCredit: Raymond Wong

If you’re anything like me, you have a folder on your iOS device like the one above where you save all of the pre-installed Apple apps you never use. Isn’t it true that what’s hidden from seeing is hidden from the mind?

True, but those apps keep taking up space on your iPhone or iPad. On iOS 10, Apple has made it possible to delete them. For example, Messages, Phone, Safari, Photos, and the App Store will not be detachable.

But, praise God, you can now throw Find Friends, Tips, and Stocks! (You can find a complete list of Apple programs that can be uninstalled here.) However, eliminating some of them may fail in other functions.

2. More specific read receipts

In iOS 7, Apple integrated read receipts to the Messages app. When it’s turned on, you’ll be able to see if anyone has looked at your message (s). I have read receipts disabled, but if you need to know if someone is stalking you, enable them.

Instead of having read receipts enabled or disabled for all contacts and conversations in iOS 10, you may now help or disable them for a single reference or group chat.

3. New app and folder animation

In iOS 7 and higher, the animation zooms in and out of the folder itself when you open and close a group of apps. The optical effect can be annoying, but it’s a lovely animation. Most people aren’t aware that they can turn off the spirit and replace it with a smoother fading effect by turning on “Reduce Motion” (Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion).

The folder animation in iOS 10 appears to have changed, and launching apps from within the folder now zooms in from the middle of the screen rather than from the folder’s exact location. By the time the OS is published in the fall, this may have changed.

4. Keyboard sounds different

It’s a minor difference, but the iOS 10 keyboard’s tapping sound is different:

5. RAW photo editing

Advanced photographers prefer RAW over JPEG while shooting. RAW files are image files that have not been compressed and contain more imaging data for individuals who aren’t photographers.

Photographers prefer RAW because it offers more editing options, such as changing the look of an image or restoring lost information when shooting in compressed JPEG.

According to one developer on Reddit who has already loaded the iOS 10 beta, you’ll be able to take RAW photos and edit them. Apple’s developer page also mentions RAW files.

No iPhone or iPad can currently take RAW pictures. Could this be one of the vital camera upgrades on the way for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are slated to have two rear cameras?

Given that most high-end flagship Android phones already can shoot in RAW, this isn’t surprising.

6. Bedtime, Wake Alarm, and new stopwatch

In the Clock app, you can set a Bedtime and Wake Alarm. Bedtime lets you set a bedtime and receive reminders to help you get to bed on time, whereas Wake Alarm lets you wake up at a specific time each day.

iPhone 10 featuresCredit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

The timer now has a new dial instead of just digits:

iPhone 10 featuresCredit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

Also, the new UI is black rather than white.

7. Optimize storage

There is always a scarcity of storage space. In iOS 10, there appears to be a new “Optimize Storage” option that deletes music off your phone that hasn’t been listened to in a long time.

iPhone 10 featuresCredit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

You have numerous options for deleting songs, as shown in the screenshot above. It’s helpful if you still keep music locally on your smartphone, but since the tracks are all stored in the cloud, I doubt it will help if you use music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal.

8. Game Center is dead

The online social game network for iOS, Game Center, is no longer available. The app that no one uses (sorry, if you’re among the 1% who do) has been removed from iOS 10.

I’ll make it brief: you’re not likely to notice.9. Unlimited Safari tabs

I’m not sure why you’d want to open more than 36 tabs in Safari (iOS 9’s maximum limit), but if that wasn’t enough, iOS 10 now allows you to open unlimited tabs in Safari.

On paper, this seems great, but keep in mind that because your iOS device only has so much RAM to cache tabs, it may choke if you have a lot of them open.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing someone push the limit of endless tabs.

10. Live Photos stabilization

Although the concept of Live Photos is intriguing, the bulk of the animations you create wind up looking like a turd owing to their shakiness. It’s so awful that Google started Motion Stills, an app that stabilizes and blurs your Live Photos. It’s an entire program, but it’s convenient.

Before wrapping up the iOS 10 presentations, Apple threw up a slide featuring a slew of new features that it didn’t have time to go through. “Live Photos Stabilization” is one of them. It’s unclear whether this is all done in the background, but we’re hoping it’ll be as excellent as Motion Stills.

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