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How to Free Up Space on iPhone

by Techi Gumbo Expert
How to Free Up Space on iPhoneCredit: Shutterstock: Wachiwit

If you’re anything like me, getting a notification on your iPhone that iPhone storage full, then that is a huge source of anxiety.

Knowing that my iPhone storage is nearly full gives me the same anxiety as knowing that I need to de-clutter my apartment for any reason. Is it possible that I have a clutter problem? 

Or is it possible that I’m fixated with the thought of loss, and being surrounded by a bunch of familiar (but ultimately worthless) stuff helps me relax? I’m not sure. I’ll work things out in counseling.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone

What were we doing here, to begin with? That’s correct. Increasing the iPhone’s storage capacity. Right now, I’ll show you how to accomplish it.

1. On your iPhone, click the “settings” app.

2. Tap on “General.”

How to Free Up Space on iPhoneiPhone general settings Credit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

3. Choose “iPhone Storage”.

How to Free Up Space on iPhoneiPhone storage in settings Credit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

4. You’ll get a summary of your iPhone’s storage space.

How to Free Up Space on iPhoneiPhone storage menu — essentially your home base for iPhone de-cluttering Credit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

Because it displays the contents of your unique iPhone storage, this screen will most likely seem different for everyone. You can see how much storage space is now being used against how much storage space is still available at the top.

As illustrated in the graphic above, objects are colour-coded to identify distinct programs and how much storage space they occupy.

You may also scroll down to check how much space each item/app takes up.

It’s basically all about erasing stuff from here on out

Your iPhone will offer a few ideas at the top of the screen to assist you. Apple may potentially offer to sell you iCloud storage or allow you to use the space you already have but aren’t using.

As demonstrated in the photo of my storage space above, my phone’s primary recommendation is to enable iCloud Photos. You may “automatically upload and safely store all of your photographs and movies in iCloud so you can view, search, and share from any of your devices” by tapping “Enable,” and about 16 GB of storage will be freed up (damn, maybe I should do that). This would immediately solve my storage problem, as my photos take up most of my phone’s storage space.

Another piece of advice from my phone is to “Auto Delete Old Conversations” from my text messages. According to my storage overview, my emails take up almost 8 GB of space. If I select the Auto Erase Old Conversations option, my phone will delete “all messages and attachments sent or received over a year ago.” This would free up about 5.5 GB of space in my storage, which is a substantial amount of space.

But consider this: you might be interested in some of those old emails, as well as any photographs or videos that someone may have sent you previously.

If I wanted to view more options, I could tap “show all” to see more simple methods to save space. All of the photos in my “Recently Deleted” album could be deleted. It preserves photographs and videos for 30 days after you delete them from your iPhone (if you make a mistake and want to retrieve them).

After that, they’re gone for good. If you’re positive you don’t want to recover any of your recently deleted files, you may be proactive about freeing up iPhone storage space by emptying this album right away. In my case, enabling these options would free up roughly 1 GB of space.

How to Free Up Space on iPhoneOther iPhone recommendations Credit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

I may also review the large attachments in my communications. When I press this suggestion, it will show me all of the extensions (pictures, videos, and documents) shared in my discussions, grouped by size from largest to smallest, so that I may review the ones taking up the most space first. By swiping left on an item and selecting “Delete,” I can delete it.

You can scroll down and choose which applications to keep and which to discard app by app once you’ve decided whether or not to activate your iPhone’s recommendations.

Let’s pretend I’m interested in how much space iMovie takes up. I’d scroll through my app list until I came across iMovie and tap it. After that, my iPhone gives me a quick tour of the app.

It tells me how great the app is and how much space the documents and data inside it take up before giving me the option to “offload” or “delete” it. It also describes what will happen if one of the alternatives is selected.

How to Free Up Space on iPhoneiMovie storage info and options Credit: SCREENSHOT: APPLE

Offloading apps

If I choose Offload Program, my iPhone will “free up storage held by the app while maintaining its documents and data.” I could then reinstall iMovie, which would “restore data if the app is still available in the App Store,” if I chose to.

Offloading apps is a beautiful balance for people like me who want to free up storage space without losing anything in the app.

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Deleting apps

Of course, you can permanently delete the app. “This will delete the app as well as all associated data from the iPhone. This is a one-way street.”

If I wasn’t frightened of losing all of the data in my iMovie program, I could use this option to free up storage space. I’d be able to reinstall the app from the App Store, but all of my previous data would be destroyed, forcing me to restart iMovie from scratch.

The total size of all of your apps is probably one of the highest storage requirements on your device, but you probably don’t want to get rid of them all. You shouldn’t feel compelled to participate. However, reading through them in your storage and picking what to keep and what to delete/offload is a quick and easy way to clean up your iPhone storage.

Is that popular Trivia Crack game that I played for two weeks in college necessary? Almost certainly not. Even if it doesn’t take up a lot of room, getting rid of a bunch of smaller apps will save you a lot of space.

This iPhone Storage menu, which you can see in step 4 above, will be your only way to manage your storage space. Once you arrive, you have the authority and liberty to do whatever you want with the goods taking up space. Use your iPhone’s recommendations to get rid of and uninstall apps, go through your photos and videos, and do that iPhone spring cleaning you’ve been putting off.

There are a few more guides for freeing up space, but starting with storage is the most straightforward and efficient.

When you’re done, you’ll probably feel like you’ve just cleaned your entire flat. And that’s a fantastic feeling, mainly because you’re not performing any physical effort.

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